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The internet has changed the way people learn; no one would dispute that… The worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth over $48 billion according to conservative estimates. Developments in internet and multimedia technologies are the basic enablers of e-learning, with consulting, content, technologies, services and support being identified as the five key sectors of the e-learning industry. VRP Consulting serves all these constituents, helping to drive the following key industry trends:

Corporate Education - Certification, licensing, continuing education credit; all are online with the choice between an Internet alternative vs. the classroom being an easy one for the busy professional. E-learning programs help companies push new skills and critical improvements to employees quickly and efficiently. With these new skills and improvements from e-learning, companies across the board have shown increased productivity and profitability.

Higher education - In the US, 44% of post-secondary education is taking some or all of their courses online, a figure that is projected to increase to 81% by 2014. Online courses are consistent and standardized eliminating problems associated with different instructors teaching slightly different material on the same subject. Studies have shown that college students hold a higher retention with e-learning than classroom learning.

K-12 Learning - Cyber charter schools look to make up for the lagging brick and mortar educational alternatives in a new era of fiscal austerity. E-learning caters to individual students by being personalized and interactive, making the attraction much greater than traditional classroom learning.

The benefits of e-learning for these three different markets are tremendous making it an obvious choice for companies, colleges, and schools to turn to the latest educational technology. The most obvious benefit of e-learning is the return-on-investment. Studies have shown that the return-on-investment can be 50%-60% greater than for traditional training. Another benefit of e-learning is the time commitment: A 40-hour class is usually completed in 25 hours with e-learning. The mobility and flexibility of e-learning proves to be added convenience improving accessibility. With the information being uploaded to a server, e-learning provides ongoing access to resources and can be updated easily and quickly.

These powerful tools are changing the nature of the information technology landscape, enabling organizations to economically move into new development and deployment without the requirements and cost of IT.

VRP is delivering on these trends with clients ranging from Salesforce to Cisco Systems and Cyber U, a division of Cornerstone on Demand.

In the leading cloud based platforms below, VRP consulting offers both direct and white label services relationships to provide the following:

  • Technical architecture
  • Development
  • Data architecture
  • Business analysis
  • Technical project
  • Test engineering
  • Content migration
  • Support and maintenance
  • Content compatibility

Salesforce logoIn the Salesforce environment VRP certified engineering teams are developing both in the Apex and Sites technologies and over the last 4 years have supported dozens of clients in all phases of their migration to eLearning platforms. With 35 development resources and dedicated test engineering teams running automated scripting, VRP is able to provide enterprise application development, deployment, support and maintenance in both the SME and enterprise institutions and non-profits.


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eLearning Components

  • If you are an ISV, you can choose components designed to extend your product platform. Alternatively, if you choose to market these components to your clients, VRP will enable commission or allow you to build a margin on top of our services.

  • If you are an end user, we look forward to discussing and evaluating your needs, helping you choose the right components for your constituents and providing you with a free cost estimate.

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The San Francisco Foundation

VRP worked closely with our leadership team to develop portals that created great staff efficiencies and ease of use for our donors and grantees. Donor Center allows donor advisors easy access to their funds. The portal also simplifies and improves the process of making donor advised grants, both for the donor and the Foundation. Our collaborative development of Grantee Center provides grantees and applicants 24/7 access to real-time application information and saves the Foundation nearly six weeks in our internal processes reviewing and processing grant applications. With our well-designed systems, we are more efficient, use less paper, and centralize our document and record tracking.

Cost-Effective Product Development through VRP Managed Services Methodology

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Rogue IT, Resdida, Telesocial, Bottlenotes

The recent economic downturn hasn't halted innovation in the technology and software development sectors, but it has necessitated that these companies do more with less. VRP understands the needs of technology companies, and with a robust offshore developer team in place, has helped several organizations trim anywhere from 30 - 50% from their product development budgets.

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