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Cloud based Computing Platforms delivering Software as a Service

These powerful tools are changing the nature of the information technology landscape, enabling organizations to economically move into new development and deployment without the requirements and cost of a traditional IT infrastructure.

VRP has been very active in the development and deployment of Cloud based SaaS solution on the Salesforce and Microsoft platforms over the past 5 years supplying industry leading organizations such as, Cisco Systems and Facebook with ground breaking applications.

In both of the leading cloud based platforms below VRP consulting offers both direct and white label services relationships to provide the following services:

  • Technical architecture
  • Development
  • Data architecture
  • Business analysis
  • Technical project
  • Test engineering
  • Data cleansing
  • Support and maintenance
  • Data migration

Salesforce logoIn the Salesforce environment VRP certified engineering teams are developing both in the Apex and Sites technologies and over the last 4 years have supported dozens of clients in all phases of their migration to this platform. With 20 development resources and dedicated test engineering teams running automated scripting VRP is able to provide enterprise application development, deployment, support and maintenance in both the SME and enterprise institutions and non-profits.

Windows Azure platformIn the Microsoft Windows environment organizations looking to scale their applications and services are building new applications and migrating existing ones to the Azure platform. Using this cloud based platform to build, host and scale web applications on the Microsoft datacenters customer can leverage the SaaS offering Microsoft Online Services comprised of: the Windows Azure OS, SQL Azure and AppFabric.

VRP Consulting has a rich .NET architectural engineering background with over 30 developers and test engineers supporting this environment.

Eric J. Bowden

COO, Safe Driving Systems

Over the past two years we’ve come to regard VRP as a critical part of our development team. We've had to integrate hardware, mobile phone software, wireless networks and a web application into a seamless solution for our customers. VRP definitely understands the complexities of such a solution.

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