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VRP SwearChecker 1.0 is a free plugin for Bamboo continuous integration server.
The add-on checks presence of each token from project source code, comments and resources in the predefined dictionary. 
The predefined dictionary is stored in the external file. The path to the file is configured in xml, as well as other plugin parameters.

The current version of VRP SwearChecker for Bamboo supports English and Russian dictionaries.
All word forms of English and Russian swear words are preconfigured, which means the check is performed upon the condition of complete match.
If any word from the dictionary is detected – the project build will fail.
For checking Cyrillic symbols the encoding should be UTF-8.

Please use the following guide to install the add-on:

As soon as the plugin is installed, add swear checker task to your build plan after code checkout task.

Erich Flynn

President, TreeHouse Interactive

VRP has been a great partner. VRP has combined their Salesforce CRM Apex architecture and engineering expertise with our offerings to deliver extraordinary value to our clients. We have relied on them to assist us with proof of concepts that have resulted in driving sales and new client acquisition. In addition, they have a good channel for marketing of our core Demand Generation and Partner Relationship Management products.

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