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VRP Consulting has expertise with the following technologies. Please contact a VRP engagement manager to discuss your business issues and we will recommend the best solution.
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Operating Systems

Windows Linux

Solaris, Windows, Linux


MS SQL Server My SQL Oracle Postgres Sybase ACE

MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, Sybase ACE, Postgres

Programming Languages

C# ASP.NET SQL VB.NET Java Java Script


Ruby on Rails

C#, ASP.NET, SQL, VB.NET, Java, Java Script, HTML/XHTML/DHTML/XML/CSS, Cold Fusion, Perl, JSP, Ruby on Rails

Content Management Systems

Drupal Plone Wordpress Joomla

Drupal, Plone, Wordpress, Joomla

Application Servers

JBoss WebSphere JwebLogic Internet Information Server Apache

JBoss, WebSphere, JwebLogic, Internet Information Server, Apache

Systems Integration

Blackbaud Raisers Edge Blackbaud Financial Edge SAP FoundationPower

Blackbaud Raisers Edge, Blackbaud Financial Edge,, SAP, FoundationPower Pentaho Kettle Pervasive  SharePoint, Pentaho Kettle, Pervasive, SharePoint

Microsoft Dynamics Cast Iron Systems

Microsoft Dynamics, Cast Iron Systems

Cloud Computing Amazon EC2 Rackspace Cloud Windows Azure

Heroku, Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Windows Azure, Heroku


iPhone iPad Android Blackberry Windows Mobile

iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile



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Kurt Hurtado

Director of Technology, Bottlenotes

VRP's offshore engineering team is amazingly educated, attentive and disciplined. Working with them on a daily basis is efficient and keeps the development cycle moving around the clock. They provide valuable input to system architecture and design. In combination with the US team little to nothing is lost in translation.

Web Tools for Oncologists

Cogent Medicine

Cogent Medicine

This web site links physicians and scientists to compelling research and interpretation. The site provides registered users with a strata of reading suggestions, expert commentary, and integrated search and archive tools, layered over MEDLINE®, the National Library of Medicine's comprehensive database of bibliographic citations of the entire peer-reviewed literature.

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