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VRP as a PDO

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In the Salesforce environment VRP certified engineering teams are developing both in the Apex and Sites technologies and over the last 4 years have supported dozens of clients in all phases of their migration to this platform. With 40+ Salesforce certified admins, developers, and consultants VRP is able to provide enterprise application development, deployment, support and maintenance in both the SME and enterprise institutions and non-profits.

Spanning the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa VRP is well rehearsed in the Salesforce platform. Working on 200+ Salesforce projects for 60+ clients including three of the top ten App Exchange ISV’s: Jobscience, Cornerstone for Salesforce, and Great Vines; puts us in a unique situation because we not only have the resources but the experience needed to take you’re platform to the next level!

VRP can provide:

  • Client onboarding
  • Project management
  • Data migration (Boomi, Pentaho, Jitterbit)
  • Systems integration (Java, .Net, PHP, RoR, Heroku)
  • Customizations and long term commercial & custom code support and maintenance

And we can do it all efficiently and effectively at competitive prices to help you further your mission no matter what it may be!

Contact us today to schedule a free business analysis meeting to discuss your organizations needs and how VRP can meet them. 

Brian Peddle

VP Development & Technology, Jobscience

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the hard work over the past 6 months on some major projects with Social Media companies in the recruiting space. We have asked for an incredible amount of work to be done in a short time frame with what seemed to be a moving target at times. Our management team truly appreciates it and we thoroughly enjoy working with you guys.

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