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Windows Azure Services

VRP has proven expertise and track of records in development and implementation of solutions for Windows Azure Cloud Platform.

Windows Azure is the leading cloud-computing platform and infrastructure, which lets companies and individual users build, deploy, host and manage applications and services through a global network of Microsoft datacenters.

Advantages of Windows Azure

Platform as a Service

Automatic maintenance of servers and operation systems on which applications run. Native Microsoft updates, firewalls, antiviruses and support.


Automatic load-balancing and distribution between servers. Users pay only for processing time (pay-as-you-go scheme). Scales from 1 to 1000s of VM Instances and leverages hybrid consistency with On-Premises. Resistance to hardware failure.


Unlimited servers and storage. Azure delivers a 99.95% compute SLA and enables users to build and run highly available applications without focusing on the infrastructure.


Deployment model lets upgrade applications without downtime. Fast computational workloads, quick development and testing. Website deployment in two clicks.


Microsoft has developed industry-leading best practices in enterprise cloud services and provides an operational security baseline for key risks to be consistently mitigated.


Azure is available 24/7 from any location. Multiple datacenters around the world.

Windows Azure opens a number of opportunities for the businesses that work with small and big data.

  • Supports any programming languages, tools and frameworks.

  • The full range of PaaS and SaaS services for multi-tier scenarios and automated deployments.

  • Database services: SQL, NoSQL.

  • Integration services: Virtual Machines (e.g. Oracle Database, Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server and more), BizTalk Services, Azure Service Bus.

  • Media Services: both on-demand and live streaming delivery to TV, PC and mobile device endpoints.

  • Mobile Apps Services: iOS, Android and Windows apps.

  • Windows Server and Linux virtual machines.

  • Scalable applications and services.

Windows Azure is the best fit for business that require real time processing of multiple inquires and high server load (e.g. mobile products, social networks, live services, retail and banking systems).

Consider moving your business to the Cloud?

VRP provides the full range of Windows Azure services:

  • architecture development and implementation;

  • business audit and review;

  • development of applications;

  • integration solutions;

  • migration on-premise and cloud applications to Windows Azure.

Windows Azure will help your business to reduce administrative costs, improve scalability, availability, security and minimize response time of your websites and applications.

VRP software engineers create applications for Windows Azure both from the scratch and via modernization of code and infrastructure of existing products.

VRP will focus on your organization’s business processes and strategic objectives to achieve the full benefits of Windows Azure adoption. Create, scale and extend applications into the cloud!

VRP team developed and implemented a number of custom applications for Windows Azure. Our solutions ensure fast delivery of static and content to end users and are able to sustain more than 50k real-time inquires. Would like to learn how Windows Azure can benefit your business? Contact us and we will get back to you in one business day.

Eric J. Bowden

COO, Safe Driving Systems

Over the past two years we’ve come to regard VRP as a critical part of our development team. We've had to integrate hardware, mobile phone software, wireless networks and a web application into a seamless solution for our customers. VRP definitely understands the complexities of such a solution.

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